Xtenna Proximity™

The Xtenna Proximity™ is a short range ( 3 - 12 inches ), close proximity, intergrated RFID reader and antenna. The Xtenna Proximity is driven by ThingMagic's Mercury 5e-Compact UHF RFID reader module and features a circular polarized antenna and is powered over ethernet.

Xtenna™ operates in the 860MHz - 960 MHz spectrum which covers RFID bands across the USA, EU, Korea and India. It has a circularly polarised antenna that can read in any direction. It is easy to mount, sturdy yet light-weight, and can be put to versatile use. Xtenna's unique advantage is its ability to be also used in remote locations and over long distances without signal breakdowns, due to its use of Power-over-Ethernet to transmit both data and 48V DC power over a normal CAT-6 cable. It eliminates the need for a regular 115 / 230V power source near the reader or constant battery recharging, as well as overcomes the severe distance limitation imposed by expensive RF cables. Moreover, by converting sensitive analog signals to digital at the source itself, Xtenna™ eliminates any scope of loss or deterioration during data transmission. All of which result in greater convenience and cost savings during installation as well as operation, at all levels - device integration, data transmission and power supply.

Frequency Bands - ( US / EU / India / Korea / China / Open )
Device powered through Power-over-Ethernet ( PoE )
TCP/IP based interface - RJ45
Firmware Upgradable
Certifications - meets RoHS, MIC, ETSI & FCC standards, IP 54 compliant, IP 65 ( optional )

Single integrated unit, easily mountable
Eliminates need for regular on-site power source
Simple plug-and-play device
Overcomes RF limitations
Only requires inexpensive CAT-6 cable that carries 48V DC power simultaneously along with data, allowing the device to be powered from a distance of up to 330 ft.
Lossless digital transmission
Supports Dense Reader Mode
Remotely manageable