ThingMagic BizTalk RFID Device Provider

We are pleased to annouce Release of Version 1.0 of the ThingMagic BizTalk RFID Device Provider. This release supports the Mercury 4, Mercury 5 and ASTRA fixed readers.

Mercury 5e (m5e) support is available via the m5e BizTalk Device Provider.

To purchase or obtain a trial license, please send email to See the Licensing page for additional details.

The Device Provider is easy to install, self configuring and will work out of the box.

In order to get started:

1/20/2009 - Version 1.0 Release

12/11/2008 - Update

11/12/2008 - Update

10/20/2008 - Update

9/16/2008 - Update

For more information on BizTalk RFID Device Providers, see the RFID Provider Architecture