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BizTalk RFID SAP Connector

The BizTalk RFID SAP Connector is a high performance, scalable, software component that facilitates the flow of RFID tag data between Microsoft BizTalk RFID and SAP’s Auto-Id Infrastructure (AII)

Implemented as a custom event handler, the connector receives RFID data directly from the Microsoft BizTalk RFID Process Pipeline. The connector transforms the RFID data from Microsoft BizTalk RFID specific data structures to the Physical Markup Language (PML) format used by SAP. This includes RFID tag, device, and timing data as well as vendor specific information. The connector then transmits the RFID data asynchronously to SAP’s Auto-Id Infrastructure.

Without a license, the connector runs in evaluation mode.  In evaluation mode, there is a limit on the number of tags the connector will handle without requiring the BizTalk RFID Process to be restarted.  The tag count is reset every time the BizTalk RFID Process is restarted, allowing the connector to function for a limited period of time. The current limitation is approximately 500 tags.

This limitation can be removed by obtaining a license.